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Clopay Gives Attention to Details

Clopay Gives Attention to Details
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Clopay makes a difference because it manufacturers great looking and strong garage doors, but also for its emphasis on the smallest detail. It's not peculiar that some manufacturers have managed to prevail in the market of garage doors and Clopay is certainly at the top of the list. When manufacturers of such heavy doors pay attention to small details, the results are amazing. Garage doors are no longer a plain wood panel which moves to allow car access. They ought to provide security and safety, ensure good insulation of the indoor environment, operate with precision and still add curb appeal to the house.

The excellent installation services of “Garage Door Repair Hermosa Beach” guarantee that your Clopay doors will operate properly. This is a promise of our expert garage door repair specialists. Though, the attention Clopay gives to the construction of each garage door in relation to the actual needs of consumers and the requirements of each region make the company worth considering it when it's time for garage door replacement.

The great efforts by Clopay for better garage doors and a better tomorrow

Clopay Garage Doors in Hermosa BeachClopay gives attention to every single detail during garage door manufacturing. It ensures that the customer's expectations in terms of strengths, energy efficiency and beauty will be covered. Clopay garage doors come with single panels but also with three or four layers of 24 to 27 gauge steel. The inner parts are insulated with polystyrene or polyurethane materials and frames are made of aluminum for great resistance and have replaceable weather seals. Windows can have decorations or design inserts. For some door models, the inserts are removed in order to be cleaned easier.

Clopay is determined to help people keep their garage doors for years with minimum maintenance. Most door panels are hot dipped galvanized and then varnished with baked coats. All hardware is elegant and the garage door parts, which come with the door, of the greatest quality. Galvanized materials are used for higher resistance and cost effective garage door maintenance and all doors can be made according to the needs of each customer. If you need garage doors, which comply with the wind load requirements, you can be sure that Clopay can make the strongest doors and in fact provides “storm ready” doors which need no additional reinforcement.  The energy efficiency of the door would depend on your personal preferences and local climate but Clopay can offer options up to 18.4 r-value.

The company's interest to protect the environment is not evident solely by its construction of various insulated doors but also by suggesting how consumers should dispose components and by making efforts to minimize fuel emissions from its vans, recycling materials and reusing them for the insulation of new doors. These are excellent efforts and evidence that Clopay really cares by emphasizing on such tiny details which can actually make a grand difference to your own convenience and the natural environment. We advocate such efforts and are here to answer your questions!

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