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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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Garage door springs make sure the door opens. They also make sure the door remains open and is balanced. Their lifespan varies but most of them are made to last for about ten thousand cycles. Since each cycle includes the full opening and closing of the door, the number of years springs will last depends on the times the door is used daily. Springs have the power to open the heavy weight of garage doors thanks to the force produced as their coils move. There are two types of springs. The extension springs have coils which stretch and contract. The torsion springs have coils, which turn on the one end but remain stationary at the opposite end creating torque. In either case, the force produced is massive and that's why it can also be dangerous.

We replace extension and torsion springs perfectly

Garage Door Springs in Hermosa BeachGarage door springs must be installed and maintained properly so that their power won't become a threat. The wrong size of springs and improper installation will create problems to the door's operation but also might cause the sudden snapping of springs. “Garage Door Repair Hermosa Beach” always sends specialized technicians at your homes for spring services. Despite our long experience with all springs, we are still extremely careful when we provide services. We excel in all garage door repair services and give special attention to spring problems so that your safety won't be threatened.

We cover your spring repair needs fast. Garage Door Repair Hermosa Beach sends one of the emergency repairmen for services when the issue is urgent. We have the knowhow to replace torsion and extension springs and deal with all issues related with either type. Your torsion spring garage door system will be safe in our hands and so will your extension springs. We make sure they are replaced fast and their problems are repaired as soon as possible. We give priority to spring issues, excel in spring adjustment and replacement, and make sure your safety is guaranteed. Give us a call if you are in need of spring service.

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