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Garage Door Spring Broke

Garage Door Spring Broke

When the garage door springs break, you should avoid opening the door and make an appointment for their replacement immediately. It’s a great inconvenience to have a broken spring since the overhead door won't open either manually or automatically. The replacement of the broken springs is demanded as soon as possible. In case that an extension spring is broken while the other is alright, you will still need to replace both or the good one will soon break, too.

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Garage Door Spring BrokeYou can avoid accidents by broken springs if you install safety cables to extension springs in order to keep them from flying. If you have a torsion spring system, install a second one so that the door won't collapse if the single torsion spring breaks during movement. The broken spring must be measured with accuracy and the new one must be installed carefully. To avoid broken springs, make sure to choose the appropriate ones, get high quality materials, maintain them often and make sure they are replaced before their life cycle ends.

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